Friday, August 14, 2015

 This book is published by North Light - which almost made me think it didn't need a review, by me, but then I took a second look - and I was already a fan of Sandrine's from her Youtube videos on Artist's Network.  This, for a few of you will be the defining moment when you find a book that unlocks the secrets of a medium you have explored but not held on to the keys for yourself.  The author-artist uses Yupo paper.  She zen doodles.  She also keeps up with old masters proving she's owned a sketchbook and used it before.  The skin tones are luminous.  The step-by-step demos reveal the new updates your watercolor art needs to succeed in this world of Modern Art.

If you are looking for a guidebook to watercolor - this is a 5-stars for all levels.  I sort of want to say not for beginners, but what I've seen from beginners lately just disproves the words not for beginners.

Watch the Video Review, here, Painting Skin Tones By Layering Color

Fearless Watercolor for Beginners: Adventurous Painting Techniques to Get You Started

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