Friday, August 14, 2015

Fantasy Art Drawing Skills

This book, by Socar Myles, if you did all that it told you to do, is the equivalent of about 2 terms in Fantasy Art at a university.  And, let's be honest, after all the Lit 101's, PE, required health and science, you rack up about 4 terms for  your specific major anyhoo.  Not bad for one book.  The problem is, the advice includes - draw the figure - Life Drawing, so there you go, you are already enrolling in a Life Drawing class, now.  However, if your mission is to be self-taught I believe it can be done within the subject of art and even get a specific genre (major) like Fantasy Art.  This is a book not to miss; however, I do feel it fails its subtitle that this book would be all you need to master Fantasy Art.  Following it's advice, demonstrations, and tips, though, would be accomplishing a Master Class in the particular genre - with a most awesome guide (Socar) - and that is not a given when you sign up for class.

Watch the video Step-by-Step book review: Toad King, here!

Fantasy Art Drawing Skills: All the Art Techniques, Demonstrations, and Short Cuts You Need to Master Fantasy Art

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