Fearless Watercolor For Beginners - Video Review

This video review is of the step-by-step: Painting Skin Tones by layering colors, particularly of the triad version of the primaries - although not necessarily the primaries.  The author layered Yellow Ochre, Red, and did not mention which Blue (I guessed Ultramarine Blue).  I tried mine layering Cadmium Yellow, Red (which was slightly pinkish), and Ultramarine Blue.  This technique could change the way you paint skin tones, forever.

The book, Fearless Watercolor For Beginners, by Sandrine Pelissier, is more than worth the price, time, and effort, but you only get out of it what you put into it - like any book about the subject of art and improving as an artist.  I gave this book a 5-stars.  The video shows the step-by-step, and a little too much from inside the book (my apologies to the author for that!).  Awesome book, though - I just wanted to convey that message without saying, "Uh, awesome book.  You should buy it."  I really don't get any bribes for these - not even free books from Amazon.  I am supposed to get a slight bit of cash in the form of gift cards to use on all the books I buy for this blog, but so far, I haven't gotten any.  Either way, I am free to tell you it sucks if I want to.  I usually only take time to video the books I think are great - awesome - life-changers, though.  If you see it here, I liked it.  If I video review it, I think some artist out there in the world could love it.  Thanks for watching!!

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