Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Learn To Paint Wildlife With Watercolor

Yes, learning to paint wildlife with watercolor is a worthwhile pursuit.  Learning to paint vibrantly colored, dynamic paintings depicting wildlife is even better!  If you are going to invest your time, I suggest also investing in this book by Peggy Macnamara and Marlene Donnelly to learn to use color creatively.

Watch a video review of an art demonstration from inside this book, here, to get an idea of just how creative these authors get with color and yet how none of the form is lost.  This book gets a 5-stars for beginning to intermediate watercolorists or for any artist adding watercolor to the list of mediums they use to create art.

Watch the Video Review from inside the book, here:

Paint Wildlife in Watercolor - Demonstration

Or see inside buy the book at Amazon, here:
Painting Wildlife in Watercolor.

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