Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How To Draw A Buck Mule Deer

Remember those HTML Bibles?  You didn't know the code, but you knew it was on page 47, alongside pizza stains or a coffee ring?  This book by wildlife artist J.C. Amberlyn is that book - only for wildlife artists instead of bloggers and coders.  You might not remember that skunks have 5 claws in front, but only 4 in back; but you have confidence to be who you are with this book (wildlife artist) because JC Amberlyn knows and all you have to do is check page 204.  This is the guide book for any artist who has other wildlife artists in their life - real or vicariously - because you must know the code or have the bible.  This is that bible.

Drawing Wildlife

Watch the video step-by-step from inside the book: 

This step-by-step Art by the Book Review is from inside the book by J.C. Amberlyn, Drawing Wildlife. The review shows the book's demonstration, How To Draw A Buck Mule Deer. I think anyone can accomplish this drawing using the guidelines taught in this book, for this reason, I think the book lives up to its claims. This book and demo gets a five star review from me! 
Watch the video, here:


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