Monday, August 17, 2015

How To Draw Your Dragon Is Fantastic

I am now a fan of dragon art and Sergio Guinot, author-artist of How To Draw Your Dragon.  As simple and straight forward as the title, are the steps to drawing these incredible dragons.  Starting with just simple shapes, anyone can learn to draw their dragon.  The information doesn't start - or stop - there.  Dragon Anatomy is a chapter which includes teaching the reader to draw a dragon skeleton, skull, teeth, and claws.  Drawing a dragon shield on up to dragon riders is all part of a storyline plot as though the author is sketching furiously in a sketchbook while the wings of dragons beat overhead.  I did a review of the step-by-step exercise: Polar Dragons.  5 stars and then some.

How to Draw Your Dragon

Watch the Video Review from How To Draw Your Dragon step-by-step demonstration - Polar Dragon - from inside the book, here!

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