Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Flower Painters Your Masterpiece Awaits This Six-Step Process

Ever feel ashamed that you want to paint flowers?  This book will have you bursting with pride - and color.  Its a book for watercolor painters, but gouache, colored pencil, and acrylics can apply.  Each page, after the bsic techniques and essential tools are explained, has a full-color, full-bleed photograph of a flower.  The facing page breaks down a watercolor - near masterpiece - into 6 steps to follow and paint along.  The artists in the book don't make flower painting seem boring, or tired - like we've seen it all before - and the artists' convey their personal approaches through the 6-steps to any reader willing to participate.  I've only done one exercise, The Bird of Paradise, which I put on video for  you to see if you think it 'works'.  Did I improve?  This video is scheduled for August and I will put a link to the video review, here.  So subscribe to the left - not to miss this review.

Do I think this book 'works'?  Definitely.  After only reading and testing one 6-step exercise, the book has opened my mind to the creative and skillful approach the book teaches the artist who reads it.  Complete each exercise in the book and the information is priceless, without a doubt a style improvement if not a life-changer.

Watch the step-by-step video review of this book with the art exercise Bird of Paradise from inside the book to find out what can be expected from the subtitle's claims: Create Your Own Masterpiece in 6 Easy Steps, here!

How to Paint Watercolor Flowers: Create Your Own Masterpiece in 6 Easy Steps

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